One day in December

I was born an artist, a writer, developer and creator. The ideas are ever-flowing and my imagination is happily active! I have been pursuing knowledge and working on my crafts for more than 30 years, with extensive experience in art and design, graphic design, cartooning, illustration, painting, art instruction, writing and product development.  

Following my Heart to Creating Happy

I love Creating and I love my Life, so when I came to a cross-road on my path, where I could continue working unfulfilling jobs or I could create what was in my heart , I chose my heart. I believe we are all here to make a difference by sharing our ways with the world. My way is Creating and I have so much to give! I am an Artist, an Art Teacher, a Writer and Developer.  I hope you will join me on this path to Creating Happy. 

Love for Texas

My husband and I moved from California to Texas in 2017. We moved to be closer to family and we are so happy we did! We moved to Frisco in 2018 and we feel like we found home! I am involved with the lively Arts community here and my husband is a Realtor with Ebby. Thank you for Creating Happy with me!