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art lessons for kids

I Believe that True, Creative Self-Expression has the Potential to Create Everlasting Happiness.

In art classes and around kitchen tables, I hear the words, "I can't draw" and "Don't copy me" and I shutter. In my art classes I teach students to try, to practice and have fun doing their best, without uttering the word can't! I think copying is an awesome practice and I teach kids to be proud if someone likes their idea enough to use it and put their own spin on it. It is my goal to not only teach my students the tools and techniques that I have learned as an artist but also;

  • Practice makes you confident.
  • Doodling wakes up the synapsis in our brain.
  • Each persons way of creating is a gift to share.
  • We can all learn from each other.
  • We have fun exploring different techniques.
  • We don't judge each other.
  • We stretch our imagination.

I am offering Art Lessons for Your Kids in your Home

I will create an Art Lesson Plan for your child that suits their skill level and their interests. We will spend 45-60 minutes of 1:1 instruction, once a week in the comfort of your home, developing their artistic abilities and confidence of expression. All that's needed to begin is paper and a pencil!

Art Lessons

Schedule an Art Lesson Consultion to Create the Best Lesson Plan for your Child

Debi will get back to you within 48 hours to schedule a consultation with you and your child.