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Hello Happy Creators and Readers,

I hope this post finds you well, in this very early part of March 2020. This year for me already… Wow! ‘Be careful what you ask for,’ comes back around in my mind today as I fashion this post. I profess that I love to learn and I have been on a steady course to self-awareness and expansion for over 25 years. I think I might get a break from time to time to assimilate the lessons that either step in front of me, fall on my head or crash into me but they seem to just keep coming- especially these last 2 years!

I recently realized – and recently as in the last two weeks, that I have not believed I could accomplish the things I wanted to, the things I knew in my heart were given to me to do. I have tried and tried to get my creative business off the ground for years and my failures, which a big part of me understands are necessary for success, became bigger than me. Better said, I let them become bigger and more powerful than me. I let them define me and the business I have been trying to create. My business is exactly where I believed it could be. My art is making the positive difference I believed it could make. My book is as successful as I believed it could be. Harsh (ouch!) realizations!

It was one thing to take responsibility for where my business was but to look deeper into my belief about what I was capable of was a different perspective all together. I ran into my lack of self-worth last year, but believing is different- they are closely related, like cousins but in a different dimension.

So, my realization or ‘Ohhhhhhh’ was where I pivoted and stepped fully into myself! I think I’ve done it before, or at least pretended I was believing I could pull off all of these Happy ideas, but honestly, the tiniest little set-back would knock me off my feet. I would give all I had and then stop so quickly where I was, giving up on a product launch or design promotion or program release because I didn’t receive amazing likes or sales or response. I would quickly shrink back like a good little girl to play safe and small.

I am surprised by how many times I thought I had some big, mover and shaker revelation, thinking I was closer to wiser, to then unravel back around to where I was to take another look. I’ve been listening to a Great song that resonates truly for me right now by Eric Church- Some of It. The lyrics, ‘some of it ya’ learn the hard way, some of it ya’ read on a page, some of it comes from heart-break, most of it comes with age…’. There’s more but that simple wisdom reminds us that life is full of lessons and we’re never really done.

Whatever it is in your heart that you want to make or talk about, sing about, dance, write, create about, I ask you to Believe. Believe in it. Believe in yourself. Make it, share it. You were given that inspiration and you can do with it what you want, but just believe. I thought for a minute a time or two that it was getting too late for me. But time is my friend, make friends with yours and Believe with all your heart.

Oh, one more thing- I realized my lack of belief led to a lot of lowly creatures like overwhelm and frustration, doubt and inconsistency. I will be adding to my blog every week- on Mondays, to practice consistency and share my ‘Why’s’ for Creating Happy and what I have learned to help you on your journey to Creating your kind of Happy.

Please take a moment and;

  • Share with someone who may find a spark for Creating their Happy.
  • Share your thoughts and comments- we are all in this together.
  • Check out my website- – there have been a lot of changes lately, with more to come. And while you’re there, subscribe to my email list to find out what we are up to- no spam, no selling or sharing your info, you’ll only hear from us once a month.
  • Write the word Believe on a piece of paper and stick or tape it to your bathroom mirror, night stand, car dash, so you remember to Believe in yourself and your dreams.

Create happy moments all day, all night, all week. Type to you soon!


Debi 🙂

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