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Creating Happy Thoughts blog-post from August 2020. . .

I have the best intentions. I believe that most people have the best intentions, but the framework of the intention falls apart along the way to actually following through.

As I am building my business, I honestly, and with enthusiasm intended to add to my blog every single week. I have my list of blogging ideas, I add 'blog' to my list of business-building to-do's and I think about setting aside time to write and schedule my posts. But alas, here I am, we'll say a month and a half since my last post, writing and intending to commit to consistency when it comes to my blog. For all you consistent bloggers out there, Bravo! I am completely impressed.

I admit, I am an artist first, writer second, entrepreneur third. I learned a lot of new business practices earlier this year and incorporating or rather, trying to incorporate them into my routine has been a fun and frustrating process. As a business owner, I have a long list of to-do's, most of which are creative and don't want to be blocked into a schedule- don't even know how to be blocked into a schedule. This is where creating happy habits comes into play.

I developed some bad habits over time that I've been letting go and in that process, I've created some great habits to replace them. Some days I bounce like Tigger, other days I am focused and determined. Instead of thinking I 'have' to blog if I want to reach more people, I will be patient with myself about blogging and I hope you will too. I will write when I am inspired, which I think is the best time for anyone to do anything!

Let me share some of my favorite habits that have made a big, positive difference in my life. You can find a Free Printable version of these on my or jot them down and put by your bed so you can practice these 3 Things-3 Minutes first thing in the morning.

:) Before you get out of bed and before you start thinking about the things you need to do, or about things from the day before, Think of something You're Grateful for. Even if its your pillow to start, build from there if you want and know you are starting your day on a positive note.

:) Another before-you-get-out-of-bed, stretch your body- arms, legs, shoulders, back, neck, hands, feet. Stretch out flattened or cramped organs and muscles to get the blood flowing.

:) Drink a glass of water, preferably 8 oz. before you have anything else. This hydrates the organs and muscles you just woke up by stretching, as well as your brain and is the best first thing to put in your belly.

Have an excellent day and week and 'InJoy' Creating your kind of Happy! Take good care.

Happily, Debi :)

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