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Written in April 2020. . .

I missed blogging last week! I don't know if any of you have been in a strange time continuum but it's real here at my house! The plan is to post twice this week, so let's see how I do.

I use one of my favorite statements when I am feeling present and accepting- "A wizard arrives precisely when she means to." I don't feel stressed or anything, except perfectly happy with where I am and how I arrive there. But every day is so different and sometimes it's hard to find where my wizardly energy is hiding.

You may have missed my mention that I am re-rebuilding my business while going through B-School. Makes sense, working what I learn in real time into my business while receiving business training. There is so much I am learning, so much I want to do and so much I still need to do before I launch my website and I decided to do that this week. (eeek and Yay!)

Learning: B-School is amazing and I highly recommend it if you are considering starting a business and have never taken business courses. School will open again early 2021, but Marie TV is a great resource in the meantime. I had been attempting to run my business without really any business training. I have common sense and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, so I worked my way through and taught myself a lot, but I really missed a lot of the processes and mechanics. Plus with the ever-changing climate of business, one must just stay current but I think I thought my big heart and happy intention would carry me to my dreamy business.

One of the constant reminders in B-School is, "There is no behind in B-School." This makes sense too, but I am a recovering perfectionist! The pressure is there, created by me when I see the amazing 'Wins' of students who can, from my perspective, process things at a much quicker rate than I can. I am working my way through the lessons, some students have graduated and others have just begun. The wizard in me says, "It is what it is and I will arrive precisely when I mean to."

Honestly, it's those damn, big boxes (that used to be steamer trunks) that I have been carrying around with me since I began remembering, that have surprised me the most about my business school experience. To give you an example, when our week-long module had to do with 'Communication', you would think its all about how to effectively communicate with and around your business. It was, but it also opened up that ugly, old, dusty box about all the communication with everyone in my life for all of time. What! I did not plan on unpacking that while I was stuffing my nooks and crannies with so much new information.

But I have to say, I worked through both the module in school and I unpacked the box, broke it down and put it in the recycling bin!!! There will be days that I, and undoubtedly you, feel like we should be doing more, should have done more, should have been more productive, done or been more something.  Besides All, I mean ALL the things I am learning right now, I am learning to be gentle with myself. I am channeling my inner Gandolf with a feminine twist and reminding myself that, I will arrive precisely when I mean to. I wish the same for you as we re-make ourselves into what we really want that will make us truly happy.

Have a beautiful day wherever you are, hopefully Creating your kind of Happy! Take good care until we write and read again.

Debi :)

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