The Other Side of Happy

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Written in April 2018. . .

I didn't realize I was creating such a path for growth and understanding when I decided to name my business Creating Happy. I live my life intentionally and since Creating Happy was what I wanted to do for me and for you, there was just no other name that fit.

The contrast, or the other side of happy happened and stopped me in my tracks. I didn't consider that, although I was harnessing the power of positive thought, there would still be days that I didn't feel all that happy. What? But the name of my business is Creating Happy! I would lose my happy from time to time, and feel like I had to wait to find my happy again to authentically present my business. That practice on my path to joy lead me into a quagmire of quicksand! I would get stuck in the why of it all and lose my traction.

As I believe everything happens for a reason, which I may have mentioned a time or two, I knew there were lessons bubbling and brewing that would lift me out of my own way. As I play and practice through my life and continue Creating Happy I am learning that doing what is in my heart, from a place of joy, without expectations has helped me jump gracefully over the quicksand of self-doubt.

Thank You for joining me on this enlightening path to Creating Happy. I would love to read your thoughts and I'd love to know if I can help you with Creating your Happy. Check out my website - - to see my current offerings.

Take Good Care.

Happily, Debi :)

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