Walking my Happy Talk with Grace

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This was originally posted on May 4, 2018 and has some fitting pieces today! Oh the patterned puzzles we create. :)

What a year it’s been!! The last 8 months have been Wow! but the lessons I have learned in 2018 alone have been big and real and just what I’ve asked for really.

I shared in my previous blog that I’m learning to give myself grace as I don’t always enjoy happy days while building my Creating Happy business. Contrast adds to the texture and colors on this big, beautiful canvas that’s my life. For this story, I’m going to turn my canvas into a puzzle.

As I’ve been gathering pieces that I’ve been finding in the shadowy places (places that I thought were cleared out) and fitting them into place, I really felt like I was gaining some ground and traction- that is until I rolled my ankle and fractured my foot!

That happened on the morning of April 10th, after I carefully used the hand-rail to skip down the stairs to our building to then roll my ankle, which apparently wanted to go into the storm drain while I thought we were getting into the car.

I was soon fitted with a boot at the local Emergency room with instructions to wear it for 4-6 weeks. What I know for sure about myself and now you will know too; I like to be active, I don’t like limitation and I don’t care much for being told what to do. I also prided (past-tense now) myself on being a good patient until I pushed myself recently. If the Doc says 4 weeks, I’m sure I’ll be fine in 2. And although I’m in damn good shape for being 54, I need to accept this situation with grace.

I’ve had four pretty pathetic days of feeling sorry for myself throughout this process…going a bit stir-crazy in our little apartment; being alone, going through menopause, hobbling around in this awkward, clunky boot and feeling anything but attractive. And I experienced grocery shopping with my husband while in a motorized cart, which was more challenging than I ever imagined. But for the most part, I have been practicing happy or rather…enjoying the quiet, my own company, getting to the things I never could find time for before, realizing a different perspective and learning to raise my vibration higher.

After realizing, with the persistence of my wise daughter, that I was doing more damage than good by being ‘strong’ (stubborn) and ‘working through the pain’ (foolish) I have accepted this situation with grace and made friends with my boot, which I’ve named Grace! And Grace and I will be rockin’ this boot for the next few weeks while I heal.

I hope you find a piece of inspiration for your puzzle in my words, as I share pieces from my puzzle. I will continue Creating Happy for you and me.

Enjoy your Happy Moments until next time! 🙂

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