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Hello and happy day or night to you. It's still morning here in Texas, the sun is shining and it promises to be a beautiful day! The people of the world, are for the most part (I hope!) staying home. I work at home and I love my home. This is my safe place and sanctuary. It's peaceful and clear and clean and checks off a lot of boxes for comfort for our family. Unfortunately for most people, home is not the place where they spend most of their time.

Like I said in my previous blog, when I started working from home over a year ago, it took a few weeks to settle in. I shared what I learned from that experience, and if you've read my last post, I hope it helped if you are learning to settle in. Since we don't really know how long we will be staying home, I thought I would share what we have been purposefully doing since we are all together.

Not every day has been comfortable. We have been learning to co-exist together all the time and although we love each other, we still need our space our way. I realized that there were patterns of thought that created more friction and other ways of thinking that kept the peace in tact. Sounds logical, but if you aren't paying attention, the negative thought patterns sneak in and lock the happy thoughts in the basement or under the bed.

Here is a list of 'Happy Insteads' to help you retain or create your happy home.

  • Instead of thinking about what you don't like about one or all of your current room-mates habits, think about what you do like about them. Your mood will soften and make it easier for you to enjoy your time together. Is the sink of dirty dishes really that important right now?
  • Instead of staying in your room, kindly set clear boundaries about your expectations and personal needs in shared spaces. If you're feeling grumpy from being confined, (as your other housemates could be feeling too) wait until you are feeling lighter before you set boundaries,  your conditions will be accepted more easily and you will be more open to listening to their needs.
  • Instead of picking up after your kids, this is an excellent opportunity to give them responsibilities for their things and spaces. You are all in this together and you need their help. You should not be picking up after them more because they're home. It might seem easier then getting into a tussle about it, but the tussle won't last long if there are consequences for their lack of cooperation. (You can probably tell we ran a strict but loving home.)
  • Instead of cooking and preparing food for everyone, ask for help and share duties. If someone doesn't want to cook, they can set the table, clear the table, do the dishes. We have made this a fun, cook-off to see who can prepare the best meals. If I cook, someone else cleans up. It's been great and we are all trying new recipes!
  • Instead of listening to news or watching television, do something creative...paint, sew, cook, write, wood-work, color, knit, build, sing, draw, learn a new craft or pick up an old one. Listening to the news and watching TV is something we might all be doing more of, but just make sure that you are not being inundated with negative news and shows, they can quietly and quickly wear us down.
  • Move your body by dancing, doing your own simple exercise or follow along with an exercise video- YouTube is full of them. If you can get exercise outside, with safe distancing of course, that's even better.
  • Get to that list of To-Do's that you never seem to find time for. We recently started scraping the popcorn texture off our ceilings! Doesn't sound exciting, but it doesn't cost anything except a little sweat equity and we will be so happy when it's done.

I think I could go on and on about ways to consciously look for the good in your day but more importantly it's about what we do with the time we are given. I hope some of these things will help ease your heart and mind.

Take good care of you and yours, please let me know if I can create anything to help with Creating more Happy in your life.

Happily, Debi :)


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