The Blanket, A story of Healing

Children from Around the World are Guided through Colorful Imagery

Children are given a loving gift that they can use and share to make a positive difference in the world. Angelic messengers help children to realize that they have the ability to bring about change in the form of a colorful, flowing blanket that they see, feel and share with their imagination. Share this story with the children in your life, to give them hope by imagining the world as they would like to see it. 

Age 4-10

33 page, soft-cover

The Blanket in Dallas

I will be reading The Blanket in Classrooms, Bookstores, Hospitals and Community Centers in the DFW area. It is my goal to get The Blanket and its message into the hands and hearts of as many children as possible. I believe that The Blanket's message will make a positive difference for our children, who will be creating our future with colorful blankets of love. I will be giving Books, Bookmarks and Book Blankets with your help to children in care and in need. I will recognize your personal or business generosity through promotions online, on-site and in your Book packet gifts.

Give the blanket to children in care & in need

What your Sponsorship Provides

Each child sponsored will receive a signed copy of The Blanket, a Bookmark and a Book Blanket. (The Book Blanket is a 6" x 6" blanket of colorful fleece to aid in imagining and feeling the colors.) Giving this gift to children will teach them to use their imagination, to have compassion for others and will give them hope in knowing that they can make a positive difference by sending loving thoughts and colors to people and places they think need them.

COST- $25 each

Sponsor One Child or a Group of Children

You can specify which child, group or organization you would like to sponsor. If you prefer that I choose, I will notify you with the name of the child or group that you generously sponsored. Your name or the name of your organization will be attached to each Book Package given. I will promote your generosity and reading/giving events through e-mail marketing and social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram. If you would like to attend the event, we will do what we can to accomodate your schedule.