Age 6-10, Art Lesson 1- Shapes & Lines

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The first lesson in a series of fun drawing activities for your young creator, age 6-10. Printable pages include; cover page, note to parents, list of benefits of art, 9 Playsheets and one coloring page, all about shapes and lines.

Draw and color together or leave them to create and color to their hearts content! All they need to begin is a pencil and a few sheets of paper if they'd like to imagine and draw more.

Choose between the Digital Download option that you print for your aspiring artist or the Printed and Mailed option for your child to receive their art packet in the mail. Video instruction links attached to digital download pack for some of the lessons. The mailed packet has a list of YouTube video links for further instruction.

Email with art lesson questions. Weekly Zoom artist-teacher check-ins coming soon!