Share the Love Sticker Pack

Share the Love Sticker Pack

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Share the Love by giving and sharing these heart stickers with messages of love on them for Creating Happy in someone's day. There are 5 hearts in each charming pack, 1 of each color- pink, red, lavender, violet and purple.

Each pack is hand-crafted and made with love so the recipient feels that in each piece and the messages remind:

  • You Can Do Anything with an Open Heart
  • Love Everything You Do Today
  • Love with All Your Heart
  • Follow Your Heart to Your Dreams
  • Love Your Moments

The heart stickers are roughly 2" X 2", the folded paper cup they're in is 3 1/4"  x 2 1/4" with a touch of sparkle. As with all Creating Happy goods, you will Purchase with Purpose as $1 from this sale is donated to reputable charities who care for and protect people on our planet.

Thank You for Creating Happy!