Energy Clearing & Realignment

Energy Clearing & Realignment

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I earned my certification as a Soul Realignment Practitioner in 2017. I was drawn to the Property Realignment aspect of this program because I am very sensitive to my surroundings. When I cleared our home and property, I knew I wanted to offer this service to others so they could feel the peace and center that our spaces should provide us. When your spaces are aligned with your life and you are comfortable, sleeping well and at ease you will be Creating your Happy life.

I am able to clear your home, apartment, building, land and investment property that you own or rent. I provide this service remotely, so I can clear and realign your space wherever in the world you are.

I Believe so much in the power of this Energy Clearing & Realignment service, that I offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you do not feel or see a positive change within 7 days of the clearing.


'I am grateful for the result I experienced from having an energy clearing for my home by Debi. She provided details of the process with quick customer service. She included a report explaining what she found about the history of our property, and details of energy she cleared. I was able to look back at the time-frame of the clearing, and noticed our family was very joyful and communicative after the clearing. I felt more motivated to clean and organize, and spent the next few days after the clearing motivated with finding additional ways to make our home a sacred space. I recommend Debi, if you would like to clear and lighten the energy of your home.' -Jessica L.-Utah

 'Debi helped do an energy cleanse on my house last week. We are in the midst of the Corona crisis and my two boys are at home all day together and most of the time they are literally killing each other. What I noticed after the clearing was a lot more gentle energy in the house, more patience and less fights. My boys even managed to play for over four hours together yesterday really beautifully. I noticed a change for the better within hours. Thank you Debi for your help'. -Sinead F.-Israel