Creating Happy Creating

 I believe we are all born with a bright, creative spark! But somewhere along our journey through 'growing up', the brightness of that spark begins to fade. We don't continue to be creative because . . . fill in the blank for you. Maybe someone didn't like what you created or you were told you could never make a living doing that. The list of reasons why we don't create can be long, but are the reasons true and good for you?

Today, think about what you like to create. Do you like to draw, paint, sculpt, sew, cook, sing, dance, make music, scrapbook, craft, wood-work...this list is long too! Maybe you like to create with a lot like I do. Write it all down. Think about how you feel when you are creating and write that down. Then ask yourself, "When was the last time I created something because it makes me feel . . . ?"

Creating is so very important for my happiness and well being and I believe it is for yours too. 


I would love to hear what Creating Happy Creating looks like for you.

What adds sparkle to your creative spark?

Thank You for Sharing.