Art Lessons for Kids


Imagination, Self-Expression, Exploration and Acceptance are the cornerstones to my teaching style.

My Freelance Art Career began in 1983 and I began Teaching Art to Kids in 1992. 

I create lesson plans that are fun, interesting and challenging to encourage imagination, individual expression and acceptance through exploration. 

I have worked with students in elementary school classrooms and after-school programs. I have created art workshops for teachers, summer art camps for kids and logo design workshops for high school students. I have developed individualized art lesson plans for 1 on 1 instruction and I have a fun teaching style that helps children to stretch their imaginations along with their artistic abilities. It is my goal to not only teach students the tools and techniques that I have learned as an artist but also;

       · Thinking about things differently is so good for our brain and our imagination.

       · Each persons way of creating is different.

       · Have fun exploring different techniques.

       · Practice makes you confident. 


Coming Soon

Group Art Lessons for Kids

I am available to teach group art lessons for schools and other programs.

Call- 530-515-7760 for scheduling and questions, or email me below.