Hi and Welcome, I'm Debi Hammond. One day in December, I was born to make a positive difference with a bright and lively creative spark in my heart! I am an artist, writer and happy practitioner.

I have been loving and practicing creating and happy for as long as I can remember. I have been drawing, painting, making and writing since my memories began. Everything I create and practice comes from my heart to touch that happy spark in yours.

I do what I can to care for our planet and make a positive difference every day while I'm here. I love spending time in nature, I happily hug trees when I have the chance and my love for animals is life-long. As for all of us humans, I believe we all share a connection with each other- it's what I see as a spark in our hearts that links us together. We are all here together to make a positive difference where we can.

I will be donating to reputable charities, giving $1 from the sale of each product, to care for and protect animals, people and our environment. I will be compiling a list of the organizations I will be donating to soon and make it available on my website, along with the amount of money we have raised for each.

I am so excited to share my spark, my designs, products, ideas and energetic light with you, to shine some colorful light on your path to creating your happy life! 

Thank You so much for Creating Happy!

:)  Debi Hammond  (: