I offer Space Clearing & Realignment for your home, apartment, land, investment property or business. I can clear negative energy that may be interfering with your life, affecting your energy, moods, success, relationships or forward momentum. This service is done remotely so I can realign the energy in your spaces wherever you are in the world and neither of us has to be there.

I am working to create an easy button so you can schedule a Free 15 minute consultation. You could start Creating more Happy in your life as soon as tomorrow. Find testimonials from happy clients in the service description.


When you order Happy Bluebird cards, I send a hand-written message of hope, love and care to residents in care facilities anywhere in the United States, in your name or anonymously. Order 5 packs of cards that I mail to senior citizens who may be feeling isolated and lonely.

I will be offering more services in the next month or two. Please check back often and sign up for my short and sweet Happy News to receive an email maybe once a week.