Art Lessons- In-Person

Art Lessons- In-Person

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I have over 25 years of experience teaching art. I have worked with students in elementary school classrooms and after-school programs. I have created art workshops for teachers, summer art camps for kids and logo design workshops for high school students. I have developed individualized art lesson plans for private and group instruction. I am currently an Art Teacher at a school in Frisco, Texas.

I have a fun teaching style that helps children stretch their imaginations along with their artistic abilities. I begin with the basics and build on each lesson following your child's interests, to ensure continued practice and incorporation of new skills into their artist tool-kit.

One-hour lesson, once a week- $30 each, plus travel expense dependent on location.

Suitable for ages 6 - 11.  Mask preferences respected.


"Ms. Debi was our 7 year old daughter, Nitya's Art Teacher and from the get go it was an instant click between the two. Besides being creative, Ms. Debi is very patient and articulate in dealing with kids. She was very professional, always on time and always carried a sweet smile. She would use a variety of mediums and settings to invoke interest in my daughter...seeking inspiration from daily activities to special festivals to hobbies, nature walks, etc. We highly recommend Ms. Debi if anyone would like to encourage their kids into any kind of art activity."

Kumar P.


"My kids love Debi! She has a way of connecting with kids and bringing fun, basic drawing skills to the table, so they can spark an interest no matter their skill level or inclination. I too enjoyed learning from Debi, new ways I can use drawing to connect with my creativity and promote brain balance and well-being. Our time with Debi was relaxing, focused, calm and brought a sense of curiosity, imagination and confidence around the wonderful art of drawing or painting on a piece of paper, turning a white slate into a swirly and colorful something. No matter where that paper gets filed, the memory of making art with Debi will always hold a special place in our hearts."

Kelci B.