Age 6-10, Art Lesson 1- Shapes & Lines

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The first art lesson in a series of fun drawing activities for your young creator, age 6-10- Shapes & Lines. Each lesson builds on the previous lesson to encourage practice and improved artistic skill. This art lesson pack is a fun and challenging plan for exploring the basics. Print yourself or choose the printed option when ordering.

This week-long, easy to follow lesson plan includes;

  • Note for parents
  • List of benefits of art
  • Art instruction video links
  • Artist tips and the following Artist Playsheets;
  • Doodle Brain art
  • Circle & oval practice
  • Drawing round objects
  • Straight line practice (2 Playsheets)
  • Square & rectangle practice
  • Drawing square & rectangle objects
  • Triangle practice
  • Review
  • Coloring page

Draw and color together or leave them to create and color to their hearts content! All they need to begin is a pencil and a few sheets of paper if they'd like to imagine and draw more.

Video instruction links attached to digital download pack for some of the lessons. The mailed packet has a list of YouTube video links for further instruction.

Email with art lesson questions.