Bluebird Mail Service- 5 Cards

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I have created this mailing service to send a simple, caring message to senior citizens in care facilities across the United States.

I will send hand-written cards of hope, love and care to residents anywhere in the United States, in your name or anonymously. Each Creating Happy Bluebird card is brightly printed with Debi Hammond's happy bluebird delivering flowers watercolor.

Hand-written inside- I heard a little bluebird say that you could use a smile, Because you haven't had much company in quite a little while. I'm here delivering flowers with a bluebird hug and love, To remind you that you are treasured by the heavens up above.

If you have a preference of person, state and/or facility, please make a note in the cart when you place your order. You will be notified where your cards were sent.

Thank you for Creating a little Happy for our Senior citizens.