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Property Realignment

We are Attracted to the Homes and Offices we Spend our Time in and the Energy in these Spaces Impacts our Lives, Positively or Negatively. There could be energy left from a previous owner or from an object brought into your space that is having an adverse affect on you. There could be negative thoughts directed towards you from business competitors and we are often not aware of what happened on the land we inhabit before we arrived.

  • If you feel uneasy in any room or space in your home or office. 
  • If you’re having trouble creating and manifesting what you want. 
  • If you’re losing sleep, feel drained or stuck and you're lacking focus. 
  • If you would like to move on but are having trouble selling your home or business, or finding your next place…

If you are feeling Out of Alignment with your Environment, I can Help put things Back into Order for You with my Property Realignment Service.
Each Property Realignment is done Remotely, so you don't have to try to fit it into your schedule. This service needs to be requested by the Property Owner(s). Apartments and Individual Offices can also be Realigned. Once scheduled, this service takes approximately one hour. 

Add Property Realignment to your Spring Cleaning!

Only $50.00 through the month of April 


The first thing I wanted to do after learning how to access the Akashic Records was to realign our property. Although our home was cozy, there was a room in our home that made me uneasy and I felt uncomfortable in areas of our backyard. After the Property Realignment I was surprised at the level of peace and comfort in and around our home. My family felt the difference as well and we were happier, well rested, more connected and able to focus on our goals. I am so happy to offer this service because I know the difference it has made in my life. Debi -Texas

I requested a clearing because other people had been living in my house. The energy felt heavy. After the realignment, our house felt lighter and happier. I would highly recommend Debi's service. The energy in my home has a healthier flow and has continued to feel that way, many months after her work was completed. Tammy -California

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