About debi-Creating Happy

One day in December

I was born an artist, a maker, a writer. The ideas are ever-flowing and my imagination is happily active! I have been pursuing knowledge and working on my crafts for more than 30 years, with extensive experience in art and design, graphic design, illustration, painting, art instruction, writing and product development. 

Creating Happy

I love Creating and I love Happy, so when I came to another cross-road on my path, where I could continue working unfulfilling jobs or I could create what was in my heart , I chose my heart. I am Creating Happy for me and for you. I believe we are all here to make a difference by sharing our ways with the world. My way is happy and I have so much to give! I hope you will join me on this path to Creating Happy.

The Blanket, A Story of Healing

I wrote this story one afternoon in 2003 as I was thinking about how to give children more power and hope in their lives. I had been a contracted art teacher for an elementary school district and I had groups of kids from all walks of life for 30 minutes each lesson, each week. I was so happy to give time for fun art instruction, freedom of expression, positivity and playful imagination space for creating. Some of these kids came from really rough homes and although I touched their life with my happy spirit for a few minutes, they had to go back to their environment. 

The Blanket will teach children to use their imagination and compassion to make a positive difference. Children may not have power over their situations but they can learn to have positive thoughts and feelings to create a brighter world.

The Blanket in Dallas

My husband and I recently moved to Dallas to be closer to family and I am ironing out the details for my book launch. I will be Creating Happy children by reading The Blanket at Schools and Bookstores, Hospitals and Community Centers. I will be working with sponsors to help provide Free Books, Book-Blankets and Bookmarks to children everywhere, beginning in the Dallas area. The thought of Children Creating our Future with Colorful Blankets of Love makes me So Happy! 

Happy Art

I have been creating greeting cards, designs and illustrations since my career began in 1985. All of my Art is Created from Love, connected through Imagination-Heart-Hand.

I currently have my remaining Greeting Cards on Sale, quantities are limited.