The Blanket, A Story of Healing

Children's book, The Blanket- a story of Healing, written and illustrated by Debi Hammond Creating Happy

Children from Around the World are Guided through Colorful Imagery

Children are given a loving gift that they can use and share to make a positive difference in the world. Angelic messengers help children to realize that they have the ability to bring about change in the form of a colorful, flowing blanket that they see, feel and share with their imagination. Share this story with the children in your life, to give them hope by imagining the world as they would like to see it. 

Age 4-10

33 page, soft-cover

Contact Debi for a copy of The Blanket, for a reduced price- Quanitity Limited

Also Available Online at: 

          BalboaPress, Amazon and Barnes and Noble

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Listen to The Blanket, A Story of Healing

Enjoy and share this video of Debi's colorful illustrations as she narrates her story. Teach your children that no matter how Little they are, they can make a Big difference. Making our world a better place, one imagination and one loving blanket at a time.


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